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Rafting Lodging Blog Exclusive offers Connect FAQ ———


Eng ——— Srp

1. Do the guides and staff speak English?

YES, the guides and staff speak English.

2. How to reach us?

Rafting Republic Divlja rijeka is located in Bosnia, 20 km away from Foča, the nearest town, on road M18, 1 km from the state border between Bosnia and Montenegro (GPS coordinates: 43.3505 and 18.8367 i.e. DMS N: 43° 21’ 3,6“ E: 18° 50’ 6“).

3. Is Internet available at Divlja rijeka?

YES, entire location is fully covered with Wi-Fi which is available to all guests, free of charge.

4. Are all rafting guides licensed?

YES, all rafting guides are fully licensed by International Rafting Federation. They also possess the CIC canyoning licenses as well as the state licenses for mountain trips.

5. Can payments be made by credit or debit cards on the spot?

YES, payments can be made by credit or debit cards.

6. Do we provide transport services from/to nearby airports/ports?

YES, we provide transport services from/to nearby airports/ports.

7. Is parking available for guests?

YES, we provide parking for all guests, free of charge.

8. Are pets allowed?

YES, pets are allowed.

9. Are clean sheets provided upon arrival?

YES, absolutely, clean sheets are provided for all guests.

10. Is it possible to get meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)?

YES, all meals are available.

11. Do we have a special vegetarian/vegan menu?

YES, we have a special menu for guests who are vegetarians or vegans.

12. Is it possible to setup one’s own tent on the spot and is it extra charged?

YES, it is possible to setup one own’s tent on the spot and it is charged according to the previously made agreement.