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Cyclist riding through the wild nature of Tara canyon area Close encounter with Tara waters while rafting Drina river landscape

Rafting Republic Divlja rijeka

Why us? Video
Team building example during Tara rafting Rafting Republic Divlja rijeka promenade Partying at Divlja rijeka after Tara rafting

Why should you choose us?

Are you a part of a group of young people looking for adventures? Or maybe a backpacker searching to discover some new, hidden touristic gem? A foreigner exploring Bosnia? Perhaps a professional looking for great team building opportunities? Or maybe you find yourself in the eternal search for new adrenaline rushes? Perhaps, quite the opposite, someone looking for a great family adventure...?

If you answered positively to any of the previous questions, you are at the right place. Rafting Republic Divlja rijeka is a great place to experience exciting adventures and create lasting memories. Here, you can enjoy the wild beauty of Tara and Drina rivers as well as the natural forest environment. You can choose between wild Tara rafting and canyoning experiences, long and relaxing rain forest strolls, dynamic Jeep safaris, hiking and swimming in some of the world's most beautiful mountain lakes... simply put, Divlja rijeka is the place where you can find peace, connect with nature and enjoy some wild adventures at the same time.

Feel welcome to check this short video or browse through our website to get a better insight of all the things you can enjoy at Rafting Republic Divlja rijeka and then, come and visit us to truly experience everything.

Short video preview from Rafting Republic Divlja rijeka

This video brings you a short preview of the adventures you can live through at Rafting Republic Divlja rijeka and Tara canyon.
To get a wider picture of our day-to-day activities subscribe to our YouTube channel and live through Tara rafting adventures on a daily basis.
We aim to bring you a wide spectrum of experiences from high adrenaline rushes, breathtaking views of Tara canyon, team building activities... to camp-fire stories. Share on Facebook

Tara canyon

Surreal landscape of Tara canyon

Tara river flows through Montenegro and Bosnia. It is formed from rivers Opasanica and Veruša, underneath the mountain Komovi where it begins its journey. Tara canyon is the second deepest river canyon in the world, only after the Grand Colorado Canyon, and the deepest one in Europe. The river is 146.6 km long and the canyon is 1333 m deep. The most attractive rafting area is the last 25 km of the river stream.

Tara, probably one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, is also called The Tear of Europe thanks to its crystal clear waters. Water can be safely drunk from any spot along the river. The canyon is protected by UNESCO in order to save its unique wilderness and preserve the beauty of this natural world heritage. The flora of Tara canyon is very diverse with some of the world's rarest plants. One of the most symbolic ones is the black pine tree. The most famous locality of these trees is called Crna poda i.e. The Black Grounds. Additionally, Tara canyon abounds with rich fauna. Here, you can find many species of wildlife like deer, chamois, boar as well as plenty of fish species like trout, grayling, sneep, etc.

Strolling through Tara's forests feels almost magical. At some point you can't discern whether its trees are whispering some strange elvish rhymes or the Elves themselves are calling to you. If there is a place in the world, where you can feel as if you have stepped into Tolkien's Rivendell, then, this is the ONE.

Our most popular offers: Tara rafting, canyoning...

We organize a wide selection of adventures for your maximum enjoyment in the entire area of Tara canyon.
Raft for lunch, Chill out and Adrenaline canyoning are our most popular offers, but you can choose between a number of first-class rafting or our exclusive arrangements.

Our TripAdviser reviews

Visit our TripAdvisor page to find about other travellers' experiences at Rafting Republic Divlja rijeka. We do our best to make your stay worthwhile. We also highly value the opinion of our previous guests; hence, if you have visited Divlja rijeka, please leave a review at our TripAdvisor page. If, however, you are looking for a great Tara rafting experience, check what other travellers are saying about Divlja rijeka.


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