Kayaking in our area

Tara and Drina rafting beginnings date back to the start of the 20th century. British and German people were the first tourists in these areas, some time in 1923. Kayaking sportsmen came in 1931. First kayaking sportsmen came from Austria and Czechoslovakia. However, some historic writings from the Museum of Foča suggest that rich Austrians exercised Tara rafting and enjoyed the charms of this European beauty even back in 1905. Highly skilled mountain men, so called Triftars, were helping them through Tara and Drina rapids.

Drina kayaking tour wtih two kayaks
Kayaking - One Day Tour

Kayaking on Drina

Kayak sportsmen discovered the beauty of Drina river back in 1923. Learn a basics of white water kayaking.

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Tara Kayaking - One Day Tour

Explore Tara On Kayak

Experience the breathtaking Tara canyon from another perspective.