Zip Line

Zip Line over Tara Canyon

Zip line represents the transition from one side of hill to the other with the help of specially installed cables. It originated from the need to bridge deep gorges and rivers in the mountainous areas, where it was not possible to build a bridge. Do not miss to experience the deepest European canyon of the river Tara from a completely new perspective, with the largest zip line in Europe. We are offering Zip Line as a additional activities in rafting tours from upper part of Tara River.

Tara Rafting - Multi-Day Tour

Full Cool - Tara Rafting

Full of the thrill and enjoyment

Divlja Rijeka, True tara rafting expiriance with 5 man in deepest canyon in Europe
Tara Rafting - Multi-Day Tour

True Tara Rafting Experience

Sport rafting tour for 2 days in the deepest European canyon.

tara canyon
Rafting - Multi-Day Tour

Expedition – BACK TO ROOTS

Test your limits, learn new skills and discover Tara canyon in this unique arrangement.