5 camping tips for every camper

5 Camping Tips Every Camper Needs to Know

New to camping? Here are some really good camping tips for new or inexperienced campers that will have you camping like a pro in no time. Don’t let your lack of experience get you down or ruin your vacation. Just … Read More

Contact, True Tara rafting experience in deepest canyon in Europe, Tara and drina Rafting

All you need to know about Tara rafting

When you say „rafting“ the first thing that comes to your mind is „rafting on the Tara river“. The Tara canyon is the second deepest in the world, right after the Colorado canyon in the USA. Tara rafting is special … Read More

More than 100 years of rafting tradition

Rafting represents one of the most significant touristic offers of Foča region. During the rafting season, between May and October, no friendly conversation can pass without the word “rafting”. In the summer, tourists come from all parts of the world, … Read More