All you need to know about Tara rafting

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When you say „rafting“ the first thing that comes to your mind is „rafting on the Tara river“. The Tara canyon is the second deepest in the world, right after the Colorado canyon in the USA. Tara rafting is special in many ways, here is what you can expect of the wildest river in Europe.

Why is the Tara rafting the best rafting you can find?

Well, that is not a difficult one. Tara river has everything you need: the most beautiful nature, adrenaline, fast rapids and the cleanest water you can find. The water is refreshing and drinkable, so our guests often, while rafting, drink water from the Tara river. One more proof that the Tara rafting is the best is that we constantly have many guests coming from different parts of the world: the USA, Canada, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Sweden, Austria, Hungary etc.

Tara rafting - 5 man rafting

What’s it like to go on rafting? What to expect?

Have you ever rafted? You have to visit us and experience the adrenaline that the Tara river offers.

After taking neoprene suits, life jackets, shoes for rafting, safety helmets and other necessary equipment, you start your journey in our camp „Divlja rijeka“, get the transport to the rafting starting point, called Brštanovica and our experienced and licenced raft guides tell  you everything you need to know before coming into the raft boat. They tell you how to behave in the boat, how to paddle properly and what to do in different situations. When you start your whitewater adventure, you feel great, you paddle a bit and after a while, you come across the first rapid. That is the place where you start to feel the adrenaline. Also, there are some places along the river where we always stop by and take a swim, take photos and have fun with our guests. There are surrounding waterfalls, where you can take pictures and see the amazing wonders of nature. It might be better not to reveal everything you can expect.

Is whitewater rafting dangerous?

You should not worry about that. Our raft guides, as already mentioned, are very skillful, experienced and licensed. They started doing their job because of love towards the river and nature itself and they take the job professionally and guides will help you to see the river Tara in its pure magnificence. Just respect the river Tara and listen to your rafting guide. There are parts of the river that are faster, but that is more like a plus for you and your adventure.

Tara rafting all you need to know about rafting

What comes after we finish our rafting adventure?

After you land on our beautiful beach, you take off your rafting suits and rafting equipment, take a shower and come to our restaurant. The lunch is waiting for you. There is a lot to say about our cuisine. Potatoes and beef under the bell, home – made cheese, fresh salads, delicious soup etc. That is just something that awaits you. What we are proud of is that everything we serve you is 100% domestic and organic. We have home – made beer (craft beer), home – made rakija, organic juices, home – made wines etc. We prepare the fish from the rivers Drina and Tara. What we suggest is tasting our delicious trout, famous all over the region.

Is rafting good for „team building“?

Yes! „Team building” can be achieved through many different types of exercises – some focus on breaking down biases and judgments, others require collective problem solving, and some are simply concerned with having fun. If you choose to come to our camp, we can organize you many activities, not just Tara rafting. There are also: hiking, trekking, jeep safari, canyoning in National Park Sutjeska, National Park Durmitor, primeval forest Perućica etc.

We have a field for petanque where you can play the game against your friends and have great fun. In the evening, we have live acoustic music in our restaurant. Great atmosphere, great parties and chance to meet some new friends sitting around the fire.

Many companies have organized „team buildings“ in our camp and they were overwhelmed.