Camp de Divlja Rijeka


Centre de rafting et camp "Divlja Rijeka"

Divlja Rijeka (lit. means Wild River) is a rafting complex located in Tara canyon near Šćepan Polje, the border area between Bosnia and Montenegro. Its location is only few meters away from the place where Tara and Piva rivers join to form the river Drina. Local people have poetically described this location as the place where “Tara and Piva die for Drina to be born”. Drina canyon, the second largest canyon in Europe, only after Tara canyon, is at its deepest, precisely in the area of rafting Center and camp "Divlja rijeka". Rafting Republic Divlja rijeka is arranged as a modern rafting place with rustic bungalows, preserved natural habitat and replicas of old rural houses. Entire complex is designed to reflect the harmony between the modern, natural and traditional charm. It aims to provide a pleasant and original stay and an unforgettable Tara and Drina river experience for all visitors. This place used to be a Roman village; hence, upon construction, great care was taken to preserve the original trees and stones in order to keep the sentiment of old times and its genuine beauty. It is the only rafting place in the vicinity with natural shade even during the hottest summer days. Here, you can find a number of single-, double- and triple-bedroom bungalows and apartments as well as seven old clay houses built according to “bondruk” construction, an old construction style used in Bosnia and Serbia resulting in the healthiest home environments. Additionally, a restaurant with the capacity of hundred places is located in Divlja rijeka where you can enjoy home-made specialities and some of the best meals in the entire region. You may stroll through the entire complex as well as to the nearby Tara - Drina estuary and villages. Rafting center and camp "Divlja rijeka" has great cooperation with National park Sutjeska. The territory of Sutjeska park includes some of the most beautiful places of the Balkan region including the canyons of Hrčavka and Sutjeska rivers, magnificent Zelengora mountain lakes and Maglić, the highest mountain of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This enables the hosts of Divlja rijeka to organize a number of exclusive attractions like kayaking, hiking, horse riding, Jeep safaris, etc. in addition to rafting adventures. We can only say, don't wait any longer, visit Divlja rijeka to enjoy the best adventures Tara canyon has to offer and to create lifetime memories!

Safety First

We are fully committed to your safety both on and off the river.

Licensed and Best Guides

Our guides are true whitewater professionals with IRF (International Rafting Federation) certifications.

Experience of a Lifetime

We provide an adventure like nothing you've ever experienced before.

What We Offer

Enjoy a full guided tours, beautiful nature of our homeland, our hospitality with delicious meals and drinks from our restaurant.


It's possible to arrange shuttle to and from our camp, from local airports, as well as train and bus stations. Contact us by e-mail or phone for more informations.

Expert Training

Safety briefing and rafting training, as well as full safety equipment and licensed guides are provided for all visitors by our rafting center.

Full Ripcurl Gear

Rafting gear to keep you warm and comfortable during your trip


Park your vehicle free of charge at the parking lot Divlja Rijeka.

Food and Drinks

We prepare food in our restaurant in traditional way with ingredients supplied from local farms and local food and drink producers. We serve local made Craft Beers as well as local made fruit brandies - "Rakija".


Our bungalows are located in the natural shade of trees. There are two types of cabins: Traditional like (Bosnian's mountain house, made from wood and stone) and wooden cabins, with 2, 3 or 4 beds and one family bungalow with 5 beds.