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17 km
spring 3h / summer 4-6h
1+ people

The best buy tour

Take a brake and relax. Enjoy great Tara rafting adventure and four specialities from our cuisine. Have a nice and fresh sleep in our bungalows. This adventure includes 17 km of rafting through the most exciting part of the river Tara and places with the biggest number of rapids. Rafting tradition through these areas spans for more than hundred years. Tara river canyon is protected by UNESCO due to its hydrological, geological and biological potentials, check it why.

Stunning Scenery

Rafting in the most visited part of the deepest European canyon. Accommodation in the bungalows in the shade of trees

Enjoy Nature

Unique nature environment, with drinkable water from river, beautiful canyon, rapids and waterfalls

Transport & Parking

Park your vehicle on parking place at camp. For this tour transport to rafting starting point (Brštanovica) is provided.

Incredible River Tour

Exciting white water rafting tour on river Tara, through 23 rapids and 3 specialties from our restaurant (traditional cuisine with food from local farmers).

Pricing Chart

The price includes: Rafting, 1 overnight, 1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 dinner, transportation from Rafting Camp Divlja Rijeka (Wild River) to starting rafting position (Brštanovica), license river guide, safety training, necessary equipment, GoPro footages and taxes. You are also able to make an additional payment for breakfast, dinner or bed.

Multi-Day Tara Rafting Tour
1 People +

  • Local Transport & Parking
  • Licensed Guides, Basic Training & Full Safety Suits
  • Taxes & GoPro Footage
  • 3 meals at our restaurant



Rafting, Jeep safari, swimming, diving and photo shooting. No previous experience is required for this trip. It is desirable for participants to be able to swim, especially during the spring season. We are reccomending swiming suits for this tour. Bring your IDs.

Day 1
Arrival to Rafting Republic Divlja rijeka. Accommodation and dinner. Campfire and music entertainment.
Day 2
Breakfast. Then, equipment needs to be taken, put on and short instructions about its usage heard. All participants get: a helmet, a safety vest and neoprene boots, and, if desired, a neoprene suit. Afterwards, everybody gets assigned to a particular group (6-8 persons) and groups are transported from Divlja Rijeka to Brštanovica (starting rafting position) via terrain Jeeps. Before the rafting start, river guides give instructions about the behaviour on the river and team boat work. During the rafting descent, we get acquainted with basic rowing techniques, we conquer many exciting river rapids, and then we make a swimming and photo shooting break. We make a longer break near the place where Šipčanica stream hides two magnificent waterfalls. After the break, we continue our rafting adventure and conquer even more rapids and obstacles. We finish our journey at the place where two beauties, Tara and Piva, meet to form the river Drina. There, we dock at Divlja Rijeka beach. After debarkment and short resting, we get back to Divlja Rijeka complex where lunch (speciality of Divlja Rijeka restaurant) awaits.
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Come and join the thrill and excitement of white water rafting with the adventure rafting team!

“Most likely the best rafting experience you can get in Europe! The food in the camp was awesome, best fish we had in a long while! Thanks to the camp team for making the stay unforgettable!”
“Our group of 10, Dutch and Serbian American families (2 of 6 were kids with special needs) had the best time of our lives. The kids loved the food and adults couldn’t believe our luck to come across this place. Rafting activity was a highlight of our stay. We obviously all fell in love with the camp Divlja Rijeka (Wild River), rivers Tara and Drina and every single staff member of this fantastic place.”

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