Expedition – BACK TO ROOTS

Tara Canyon expedition – BACK TO ROOTS

Test your limits, learn new skills and discover Tara canyon in this unique arrangement.

70 km 3 days 4+ people

Tara Canyon expedition – BACK TO ROOTS at Tara Canyon

Tara Canyon Expedition - This trip is designed as a team building arrangement, Tara rafting experience, but also as an adventurous rafting journey for anyone ready for a challenge and a primordial enjoyment of nature. It includes 70 km of rafting on river Tara, place where this beauty carved the deepest canyon of Europe.

Tara Canyon Expedition

Stunning Scenery

Rafting for 3 days in the deepest European canyon. Work as a team.

Enjoy Nature

Unique nature environment, with drinkable water from river, beautiful canyon, rapids and waterfalls.

Transport & Parking

Park your vehicle on parking place at camp. For this tour transport to rafting starting point is provided.

Incredible River Tour

Exciting white water rafting tour on river Tara, through 70 km of river flow. Paddle, camp, cook and work together with companions.

Tara Canyon expedition - Pricing Chart

The price includes: Rafting, 1 lunch, 1 dinner, transportation from Rafting Camp Divlja Rijeka (Wild River) to starting rafting position, licensed river guides, safety training, necessary equipment and taxes. You are also able to make an additional payment for ZIP LINE.

3 Days Tara Rafting Tour
4 People +
  • Local Transport & Parking
  • Licensed Guides, Basic Training & Full Safety Suits
  • Taxes
  • 3 overnights
  • 2 meals

Tara Canyon expedition - EXCURSION PLAN

Rafting, Jeep safari, swimming, diving, photo shooting and ZIP LINE (extra charge). No previous experience is required for this trip. It is desirable for participants to be able to swim, especially during the spring season. For this trip we recommend: swimsuits as well as warmer clothes for cold nights in the canyon, hats and sunscreen. Bring your IDs.

Day 1
Arrival to Rafting Republic Divlja Rijeka where you can use a secured parking for your vehicles. Accommodation and dinner at our restaurant with homemade specialities on the menu. After dinner, you get acquainted with the plan of the forthcoming adventure, your obligations, traps and obstacles awaiting on the journey. The participants alone need to design budget allowances for the days which will be spent in Tara canyon. You also need to make calculation for the food rationing according to instructions.
Day 2
Wakening by 6 am, breakfast. Team and equipment transportation to Žabljak where we stay for 45 min. to buy the necessities for the trip according to the previously made list. We say our goodbye to civilisation and we departure for Tara canyon, towards “Splavište” Šljivansko, the starting rafting position. Preparation of rafting equipment follows (each person gets a helmet, safety vest, neoprene suit and boots). Everyone will actively participate in packing and securing of boat equipment. All personal equipment (sleeping bags, clothes, personal things) as well as common equipment (tents, food…) needs to be safely packed inside the waterproof bags and barrels and secured in the boats. Short instructions about the rowing techniques and potentially dangerous situations is given. We then continue with a rafting adventure through the first part of Tara for the duration of 3 to 4 h. We make 2 – 3 swimming and photo-shooting breaks. Arrival in the vicinity of Tepca village is planned for 5 pm where, after unpacking and change of clothes, we build camp. Afterwards, campfire starting and preparation of food follows. Campfire discussion and preparations for the next day. Rest.
Day 3
Breakfast needs to be prepared by 8:30 am. Afterwards, we need to pack our things as well as litter in the boats and prepare for the next rafting adventure. Rafting through the deepest parts of Tara canyon follows for the next 4 to 5 h. Break at Bajlovića sige, the most beautiful part of Tara canyon and climbing into the cave above this place. Continuation of our journey. Arrival to Brštanovica where we once again need to build our camp. Preparation of lunch. Visit to an old, nearby, wire bridge on Tara. Dinner making around the fire, discussion and preparations for the next day.
Day 4
Wakening, making of breakfast, camp packing and preparation for the new rafting adventure through the most exciting part of Tara river. We conquer 21 rapid out of 53 since the beginning of our journey and pass 16 km of Tara and 1 km of Drina for the duration of 3 to 5 h with swimming and photo-shooting breaks. After the completion of our journey, we take all rafting equipment back to Divlja rijeka complex where we enjoy lunch made in Divlja Rijeka restaurant – speciality including veal cooked under the clay bell, homemade pies, fruit and cakes.
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"We stayed here recently and I cannot recommend it enough. Amazing hospitality shown to us morning, noon and night. Absolutely lovely staff. The food is exceptionally good home cooked food and prices are extremely reasonable. The staff will help arrange rafting trips on the River Drina and Tara. The River and surrounding landscape is staggeringly beautiful and you are living in the forest full of flowers and butterflies in a clean wooden hut in a forest beside a turquoise river. The set up is camp site style with shared facilities and a central ‘hall’ where there is a communal fire, drinks and meals. If you’re in the Balkans go to Bosnia; if you’re in Bosnia go to the Drina; if you’re in the Drina stay at Divlja Rijeka.|
"Very Recommended. Beautiful camp, tranquil place, located inside a forest very close to the river bank. We spent two nights in a small house (family of 5), toilets and showers are in a separate location and were clean. The Central building is were meals are served is very nice too. We did rafting with them and spent a lovely day with a very nice instructor (Gaga)."
Assaf B

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May 2024

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